Welcome to Behind the Arts! As an artist I see things in a way that at times I feel only make sense to me, so here I am sharing them, hoping they will make sense to you too!

Art, culture and human interactions as I encounter them while trying to make it through this thing called life.




ART: I’m here to share the beauty that is art, I am a visual artist, and aside from creating I like to discover new artists,share my favorites and explore the various ways art it’s seen.

CULTURE: I was born and raised in Italy by Nigerian parents ( see pictured my beautiful mother) “Everywhere I go they ask me where I’m from”. I’ve lived and traveled in over 20 countries and I now live in Houston Texas, I love learning about cultures and trying to bridge the gap that at times exists.

HUMAN INTERACTIONS: With the different cultures comes the interactions, people are very interesting and I love to sit back and watch, and then tell you all about it.





Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.05.24 PM



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