thinking out loud

1st of all happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it….:) if you are not american might not be a holiday for you today!!!

lately i have been thinking about how much people really do think about skin tone…and how big of a difference that make in the way folks interact with you, the sad part that these differences come in within my own people….black folks discriminate based on how light skin, and straight haired you are compared to being dark skinned and “napy headed”….funny thing i fall in the second category and till this day i still dont quite see what is wrong with it…..i ABSOLUTELY LOVE my skin complexion, i never wore my hair out when i use to perm it and straighten it…but now….i rock my big nappy fro….and i love it!!! i asked one of my guy friends what it is about dark women that a lot of black man seem not to find attractive, and he confessed to me that mainly the standard of beauty that is portrayed in the media show light skinned women as beautiful…and the dark once….well not so much….
i recently went to watch the movie “Precious”…..and yes that was a really touching story….and i never wish that much hate and suffering upon anyone….but did they really had to make the girl that played Precious darker than what she really was in real life???did her being dark skinned made her more miserable??she wouldn’t have been as credible as a light skinned black girl???those are the thing i dont quite comprehend….and probably never will…but i will definitely show love to all the range of colors black skin as to offer in my paintings…i love being black..and i love black folks….yellow…red…caramel….chocolate…ebony…. charcoal all are unique and are all beautiful!!…this is just me thinking out loud….

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