another "new" beginning

looks like i cant never have enough beginnings!!!now i am starting over in italy, milan to be specific, things didn’t work out in spain, and i was lucky enough to find another job really fast!!!

wow its cold here!!!definitely not a beach weather like the one i left behind in spain!lol good thing i don’t really like to swim!!:)
soooo here i am…back in Italy the country where i was born…and raised….and the same country i really didn’t want to come back to.
seems like everything happens for a reason, so i will patiently wait to see what is the motive behind this “re-entry” to a home….that never really felt like home.
on another note…i am really excited about friendship lately (besides the few GREAT ones i already have…lol lil black girl…;))…it is weird for me since i am very good at keeping people at a safe “distance”…you know….don’t give anyone a chance to hold you heart….they never will have a chance to drop it and break it….but hmm this time around i am trusting this new friend of mine to be a good one!and being that this friendship grew really fast…i mean REALLY FAST….lol i hope it will just keep going the right direction and never become something to regret in the future.
oh while rambling i forgot that i did already found a positive about being in Milan: it is the art and fashion capitol of europe and the world…so what could be better than me finding a art studio to go and keep working on my art??it has been way too long since i held a brush…and i am definitely missing it now!!!!soooo hopeflully my next blog will be about my next art work!!!!
happy holidays!
one love!

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