4 years later

soooo…i been gone a while…i guess nothing “blog worthy” has happened sooo…but hey im back now…1st of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!WOW 2010….NICE NUMBER!!!

.ok… today i went back to my home town…and it has been 4 years since the last time i stepped foot in it…..welll 1st thing i can say of it….weirrrrddddd…….it definitely did not feel like home…..technically in the past 8 years i have been ther a total of 2 weeks…so you can imagine it has lost the home feel….but sometimes things just come back to place….well not this one….

it was good seeing old friends…but at the same time it was interesting seeing how different we became over the years….
on another note…i havent told you that i recently celebrated my 2 years nappyversary….i am so very excited about my hair…how much ts growing…and i cant wait to see where it will b 6 months from now!!!!:) i think i should make a short photo recap soon!!!ill think about it…lol
ok the count down until my next game has begun….7 more day…ONE WEEK!!!!! i cant wait…i was definitely never meant to be a fan…..in the stance….people were looking at me crazy for cheering i guess “too loudly” for my teammates….well people im sorry…im used to be more like by the bench area than the stance…i dont know the customs!!!lol
a new piece of art is at wok in my mind…and the biggest canvas i have ever bought so far..its staring at me waiting for me to come on over and make something happen…so tomorro shall be a fruitful artful day!!!
good night!!!:) dont let the bed bug bite!

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