i want to help haiti!!

Hey there!!
i have finished another piece..its a little different from what i usually do since its a bit of an abstract, that leaves a little bit more to the imagination, its named “piano”…yea i didnt go too over board with the name clearly, but i do hope you will like it!!!
i am thinking about making a few changes to my art web site, and give it a little upgrade….will keep you updated on that.
also i will be going to research this photo store where if i like what i see, i will finally make prints of some of my art work, which seem to be getting so much positive response lately!!!:)
another thing that came to mind…we all know of how bad things are in Haiti, and that they could use any kind of help, so i decided to come up with a creative way to try and do my part, so as soon as i get the right idea i will b making art work, and prints of it that i would like to put for sale, and use the profits to make a 50% donation towards helping the situation in Haiti…if i were stable in my life right now i would love to adopt one of those kids that were in the orphanage that was destroyed…hopefully i will be in that point in life really soon!!!

on another note…i finally started playing, and unfortunately we lost….again…and i most say..i was kind of nervous about playing…ah…havent felt like that in a while…most have been the fact that i was playing once again back here in italy…and they made such a big deal out of it..i psyched my self out….but hey the jitters are gone now…so i should be good to go from now on!

i finally started a new and more consistent hair regimen for those of you who are interested in the natural hair journey…everynight i massage my scalp with a mix of natural oils such as jojoba, vitamin E, and essential oils (peppermint and rosemary)…all these are supposed to promote growth naturally…so im keeping my finger crossed and hoping for the best!!!

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