my way of helping haiti!

hi there!
so like i mentioned in my last blog, i really felt the need to do…or at least try to do something to help the efforts that are being made towards helping Haiti…..well i decided to make a piece that embraced this whole thing that is happening now…well at least in my mind it does….and by selling it raise money towards donations….my next step, now that the piece is finally done, is to find a place were i can make copies, prints of the art work.
I was asked why i decided to donate only 50% of the proceed, instead of everything, well even tho i do think just the fact that im trying to help in my own way should be enough….i think that was a legit question, and this was my answer: Making prints and shipping (the hopefully lots of copies) out is going to cost me some kind of money, so the other 50% will be solely used for production costs, and after its all done…if there will a surplus it will DEFINITELY be donated too!!!:)
so this is a completely a NON PROFIT project on my part and yes i have donated a little bit of money the regular internet way….but i felt i could do something more, by doing something i actually love doing…and creating something from the heart.
i really hope you guys will like the piece…and will help me and support my cause. once i find out how much making copies will cost me, i will post a prize for the prints…i havent decided on what to do with the original yet…maybe ill auction it on ebay and of course the sale prize will also b donated!!!well i will keep you guys posted on what will happen!!i will be back soon with updates on the prints!!!!:)

One thought on “my way of helping haiti!

  1. AJ says:

    I love your art work. Absolutely beautiful and worth a thousand words. I respect and appreciate what you are doing. Your heart is definitely in the right place! May God continue to bless you!


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