Hi everyone :)!
i am very excited on how my project is moving along, i have sold my 1st print today!!! In the next 2 days the prints will be finally ready and i cannot wait to go and mail the 1st one out!
if you would like to order your print, you can do so now ebay ( ) or (hopefully from tomorrow) on
$1,217,734 were donated through 1/27/2010 on Ebay towards helping the situation in Haiti and knowing that with your help, i can contribute to make that number keep growing, its something that makes me really proud and excited!
i did not realize how much time its required when its time to give…..i could use a 48 hr day just to get caught up with all the things i want to take care off….oh well good thing i like to stay up at night ( it is 1.30 a.m here in italy now…)
so anyways..i just wanted to keep you up to date with what is going on with the project, im going to the photographer tomorrow to check on the prints and hopefully they will be ready and look great!!!!
ok well if you need to know anything please feel free to contact me ( you can find my contact info at
have a great day!!:)

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