so i am very excited to see that the art prints are finally going on sale!!!!i really hope a lot of you guys will join in, and help me rich a certain amount of money of which we can all feel proud to donate!!!just a reminder you can buy the special made prints on at just 30$ each!!!!
i finally went to pick up the prints today, and i think they look great!!!i am thinking i could try and personalize each one with an individual little touch, like a different color signature on each, or something along those lines… if you have any suggestion, please feel free to share!
while i am on the topic i would like to thanks those friends that are helping me promote this idea, and sharing it with everyone they know!!!!i REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!!!!!:)
so…today i came home to find the nicest skype message: my mom who likes to dabble with the internet to know what i am up to being the we live in 2 different continents and im not always keeping her up to date( yea i know….humm hmmm….what a child!!!!lol ha) came across my blog, and she told me she is very proud of me!!!!:) well that put a smile on my face!!!so for the next time she stumbles on this page….LOVE YOU MA!!!!!:) i probably already told her more than once before she actually reads this lol!!

ok next topic… for the bball lovers that would like to know what is going on with my new team out here in milan, i just now found out…( a month later…) that there is a actual website…and its so you can keep up with us!!

ok guys…that is all for now!!!i hope to be back soon with great sale news or something like that!!!! 🙂

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