new step

Hi everyone,
today is a great day for me, i was accepted at the international exposition of contemporary art called “ELEGANTE FEMMINILITA'” (which means elegant femininity) at the museum “galleria d’arte il Borgo” in Milan, Italy.
the inauguration its on February 16th at 6 PM, and my artwork will be exposed until March 1st.
“white rose” and “resting” were the two pieces selected.

This is a very exciting news and i am very happy and grateful i was selected.
It is definitely a great stepping stone for me, and just being able to share my work in a place as Milan, a world wide recognize art center its an indescribable feeling!! im am definitely on cloud nine right now!!!!!:)

ok so this blog does have the words ball and hair in the title too…so let me step away from the art part of it for a minute… even though i could go on and on about it!!!!
Saturday my team and i had a very important game for our future in the rankings, and we had a great game, played really well together, had lots of fun… and WON!!!!!yey GEAS BASKET!!!

hair..soo..i really think in this past week i already had about 3 different hair styles….lol i came to the conclusion that doing my hair its a great anti stress!!!!so i will share the latest one with you guys…i decided to go back to the fro hawk..yes FRO hawk…lol its a maw-hawk for napps!!!!:)
hope you guys like it as much as i do!!!
ok everyone that is all for today…i will be back with updates about the art exhibition, and i will make sure to have plenty of pictures from that!!!!
until then!!

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