art gallery day!!!

FINALLY…the day i have been waiting for has come, today was the inauguration of the art exhibit!!! so now i can officially say someone considers me an artist!!!:D it was so cool to see my painting hanging under museum to some really really amazing art work…the artists featured in this exhibit are awesome….i saw some really really REALLY nice art work….that tells me i still have lots of work to do…but at the same time i was just happy to be in the mix with all of them!!!

ok i most say while i was waiting for this day to come I was a little upset because of the stupid italian postal service….ok let me explain….i was supposed to have 2 paintings featured in the i told you guys before…but one of them was in houston TX ….so i had it expedited to me, and it got here in 3 days like planned ( and like expected since i paid for that service)…but then….go find out its been sitting in the italian customs for a week now…ugh that made me so mad/sad…..BUT…thankfully the art critique who is in charge of the show, told me that it will be ok even if i bring it in late!!!so back to excited!!!!:)

BBALL…yey!!!the team is on such a high right now i hope it will be a while before we come down…(even thou this weekend we have the 1st-still undefeated- team in the league)…we had a great win this past naples..all the odds were against us…our flight the day before was cancelled…had to take another flight to Rome…bus it for 3 hours…play in a gym that was so cold we had coats and gloves on the bench….a mess…but we pulled it out making it that much more enjoyable!!!!so this weekend we have nothing to lose and everything to gain…go hard or go home rt??!!!!

HAIR…so i decided to make a time progressive video of what has been going on with my hair in my natural hair journey!!!!yea i have too much time on my hands i know!!!!:)

well that is all for now!!!

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