Black History Month

HI guys!!
“The African race is a rubber ball. The harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise. ~African Proverb
i read that and i thought it was a great quote, especially this time of the year!!!
even tho i dont think black history should be celebrated one month out of the year….but should be part of a regular history rotation, i felt like i should immortalize artistically something that could be a great reflection of the steps forward that have been made in the years…so i made this new painting, its called BHM and i really had fun working on this!and i hope you will like it too!!
i have a new piece in the works and im really excited about it if it comes out the way im thinking of it, the idea was given to me by my favorite person in the world, and she hit this one right on the nose!!!!so will see what i make of it!!!!

BALL…so this weekend we lost to the best, still undefeated team in the league..and even tho we only lost by 6…and everyone around us was really proud of us…i still feel like 1…no reason to be proud of a loss….2 we could have played so much better and actually have the best upset of the season…but oh well no point in dwelling on the past, so getting ready for mondays game will be the task at hand!!!

HAIR….i decided my napps are in need of a break from smog…cold…and combs…so my hair is now “unbeweavable”…lol….and it turned out ok so its going to be looking like this definitely for a couple of weeks…then will see when i get bored with it!!!
Until next time,

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