I know its been a while since i have last written something, but in my defense nothing really interesting has come my way since then!!!
but i am now here!!!:)…sooo….well of course i have a new painting!!!i really had fun with this one!its called “Mama Africa”…and i actually took the time to make a collage, and single handedly cut and paste lots and lots of images, that to me all represents africa in different ways!
today i went and took my paintings from the museum, the art show has been over for about a week now, i was told it was a lot of success, and interest was shown buy a lot of people and media! 🙂 im just happy i was there!!!!
also i finally upgraded my art site, and i really like this new look!and i hope u will too!!!

basketball….arrrrggg we lost 2 games at the wrong time of the season, and we should have won anyways because we were the better team, but didnt show it…i hate losing but i hate it even more when you create your own loss….ugh so now there are 2 more regular season games, and i hope things will go for the best!!!!!!

ok so i havent mentioned that my mom came to visit me last week!!i flew her in since i havent seen her in a looooonnnnngggg time…(almost 2 years) and aside for the recurring “when are you getting married” question…and my persistent “never”
answer….lol i enjoyed her company….she is now in london to visit my brother…so yea this week ill have to get used to cooking for my self again….lol a week break was most certainly nice tho!!!

oh last but not least…i have finally braided my hair in single braids so that i can leave it alone for a lil while, let it grow, and dont have to be bothered with combing and make in up styles!

ok that is all for now, ill make sure not to disappear for this long again!!!
until then,

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