art show

Hi there!!!
Sunday here in Sesto S. Giovanni Milan, the team i play for had a end of the season party, with all the sponsors and partners that support the team financially and more. The party included an art show from artist Aldo Castoldi ( whose work you can check out at and of course also featured in the art show was yours truly!!!! 🙂
it was really nice to see some of my paintings exposed and hanging under special lights!!! made me feel special and almost like a real artist!!!to top it all off, and make me even happier..i was able to sell one of my pieces!!!
hmm well clearly i need to d a better job on my social skills…i completely forgot to take pictures of the event..and especially to take any with me in it…but i have a couple of shots taken from Aldo, so that is all i have to show for as of right now!!!sorry guys!!!:)

i hope to have some more interesting news to share soon, but as of right this is all i got!!!so until next time!!

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