Hospital bed rant

Hello there…1st of all I most say that this past week. My whole idea of what pain is was completely revisited… if you ever had a bad sinusitis then you know exactly what I’m talking about… Anyways what I really wanted to rant about is adoption.. and to be more specific mixed adoption. Not too long ago I saw this pretty little haitian black girl and her new loving adoptive white American family…. Don’t get me wrong the first thing I noticed was how happy loved and smiley that little girl was… But then I couldn’t help but to see that her hair was jacked up. This might sound silly but…as a black woman I learned that our hair is a big part of our being and culture… Natural, permed or braided… So this was the question that came to mind… How is this little girl going to learn about her heritage and where she comes from????are her new parents going to take her to Haiti every year? Is she going to learn creole?? I don’t know maybe I’m bias because I grew up in Italy and if it weren’t for my parents who took me to Nigeria every year, tought me the traditions.. The language… The food… I might have grew up as a very confused little girl… Being the only one of ” my kind” from kindergarden all the way to highschool… ( thank goodness I went to college in Texas) Even on the basketball team…so back to the topic at hand… Are mixed adoptions a danger towards the childs identity???Chinese, Russian, Thai, African, Vietnamese… so on and so forth all of those etnicity have cultures with strong traditions full of history and rituals that might get lost in translation… Maybe in the bigger picture just having a family to love and be loved from trumps knowing where you are really from… But I couldn’t help but wonder…so I shared…
“For Africa to me… is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place. ” Maya Angelou
If you read this please share your opinion!!
Till the next time,

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