so proud to be black

hey there, i know i have been slacking on the blogging, but in my defense nothing worth reading has happened to me up until today…so here i am now….
well technically nothing particularly special has happened….its just been a very revealing couple of weeks.
i am finally back in Houston and the more time i spend in this city the more convinced i am that i want to make this my home town…i love being black and even more i love being around afrocentric….proud…soulfull…professional…life loving…..booty shaking…game watching…loud talking…basketball playing….weave wearing…black people….i havent felt this much pride for my being in a long time…or wait i know since when since i been back in italy…ah….
every where i turn i see the sexiest strong black…dread headed (a personal favorite…;) )man…beautiful curvy proud black woman….and somewhere in between all that i fit right in….in my own unique way….and its okay.
today i went to a art show…and even tho i wasnt ther for a long time…just about half an hour…i fell in love with art and painting all over again…and i found more motivation and inspiration to try and showcase in my next piece….:) i just cant wait to put my hand back on that paint brush tomorrow!!one day my work will be shown and sold in a show like that!
until then….i can keep trying!!

side note…so last week idecided to put my fro to rest for a little bit and braided my hair…arrrgg every where i go i see beautiful natural hair and i want to take mine back out!!!!!lol yea the braids are coming out asap!!!:) happy to be nappy 4 eva!!!;)
till next time!

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