too much time…

wow it has been a long long long time since i wrote on here….i dont really have a reason for that…but one thing i know is that im back!!!well…i have to vent about this one thing 1st and foremost…you would think that the older you get the easier life becomes….WRONG….the older i get the more reasons to dislike certain things just come to me…and i will start with Italy…for the life of me i cannot understand how can you be born and raised in one country live there 20 years and still not be considered “italian”….well apparently in this wonderful place its possible…this summer i was selected by the italian national team to play and represent “my” country…well after two months of hard work…i was told that the fiba said that i could not play as an italian but only as a naturalizer…well that just added fuel to my fire….so to make a long story short i cant wait to have my home in a place were i belong….

once in a while ther are people that come in your life for a reason…and i am glad to say i did meet an interesting and sweet person with whom i can see a great friendship coming my way…and those are precious and rare to come around…

i need to get back on my painting…because this summer unfortunately i could not do too much of it….being that we practiced pretty much everyday and that we were staying in a hotel….lets just say i didnt want to take a chance at staining something i could definitely not afford to pay for!!lol
on the bright side i have a couple of commissions so i will be back on my paint therapy starting tomorrow…whoowee thats going to feel so good to my soul!
well im back in italy now getting ready for a new season to start…and im hoping for it to be a great and fruitful one. in the main time im planning on going back to school…yea i have too much time in my hands to let it go to waste….so will see how that goes….
until next time…

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