art show 2010!

hello there!!!!
hope everyone of my american peeps had a great thanksgiving…american or not..i sure wish i were back in texas for it tho…that food is the best!!!!!!!!:)
anywho…i have been quite busy lately…i cant stop painting 🙂 which is great…also…i have enrolled back to school to pursue another degree…this time in business….so i have been trying to study consistently….lol might be because i actually have to pay for my education my self this time…aww the good ol’ college days!!!!:)
ok so the latest on my end is that this year i was selected to participate at a art show called LE FILE ROUGE held in the art gallery Il Borgo, here in Milan Italy. the interesting thing about this particular art show is that it exalts not just visual art..but this time the art of writing too… each artist has to provide a written poem or text that describes each piece and also a text that shows how the pieces are to them connected…well i thought that that was a really neat way to showcase ones work….so when presentented with this opportunity i decided that even tho i do enjoy writing poetry i had someone else that was the perfect fit for this i asked my lovely and very talented friend Giorgia if she would write a few words about my work,(im guessing you all figure out that she likes to write…and she is good at it) and after i gave her what to me was the connection between my pieces she very gracefully accepted to help…and i most say after reading her words im definitely glad i asked her…i definitely couldn’t have done a better job!!thank you JOJO!!!!:)
ok so back to the art work…the two pieces that were selected are “mother’s work in progress” and “resting”.

i realy hope they will get a lot of good response both from critics and the general public..and while they at it i really hope someone will buy them!!!!:)

on another note…or 2…ok so today is game day…and i really need to have a good game… because i haven’t had one of those since pre season…and well preseason DOES NOT COUNT….so i need to get my stuff together and act like i belong on that court…
ok i dont remember if i have told you this already but i am going to transform my natural tresses into dread locs in a month from now!!!!YES…im going to have locs…and i cant wait to start this journey im sure its going to be a great test of patience but eh..i could use a lesson at that…so why not give it to my self!!!so yes in a month it will be my 3rd NAPPYversary….it will be 3 years that i embraced my natural nappy hair the way nature intended it to be!and i am glad i made that choice and wish i had came to my senses so much sooner!oh well they say better late than never!!!but i want to say “long hair dont care”..and move my hair along with the rest of my body if i wish…so my dreads are going to be just that!!!!
ok i think i have rambled quite enough for today!
until next time.

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