here i am

you are probably tired of hearing how bad i am at this blogging thing…lol so im not going to say it again!!!!!so here i a new place writing the latest happenings! I had to check what i said last time…well you know since its been a while…and ok i am back playing ball in Europe(WHOOHWOOO!!!) Im on a team called cus cagliari…you can follow us online at its a new team..and we have plenty work to do…and we are most definitely doing it!!!!!all i can say about that is that im glad and grateful to still being able to do what i love!not many can say to have a job they love to go to every single day!!!!
…next topic….my hair….my locs are almost 11months….and they are now red…ok well they were red about a month ago..and are now turning a light brown…hmmphh..either way….i absolutely love them they are growing and i cant wait for some serious length to come about!!!

ok so i covered ball and hair…as far as the ME part of the blog goes….lets just say…its never too late to learn who our friends are..but mainly its definitely NEVER too late to realize who arent…im not sure why till this day i get suprised by people selfishness…i guess its an utopian thing to do…assuming that being honest…all the time gets you honesty back…but like in everything in life you live you learn…therefor im ok with what happened because it was a lesson learned!….school i think im going to have to freeze my learning experience for a while, i did not mention that Cagliari its on a island on the west coast f italy…and its not making it easy to keep up wth university in Milan, so ill put it on hold for a lil my mind is not in it…and i dont like going through the motion and do something half way!!

and at last!!!!!my art!!!!since i been back i finally created a couple of new paintings that i absolutely love!!!!i will be posting them soon on my art site and they will of course be on sale there!!!both these painting some how are the real reflexion of how i been feeling lately…frustrated, lonely, misunderstood….all things that make for a lot of paintngs!!!!so here are my last two creations: “frustration”

and “in the zone”

well this its all i got for now peeps!!!hope you like my art….and that you have a great weekend!!
until next time!

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