Hello there, it’s Christmas time ( or kwanza, hannuka or whatever else it is celebrated this time of the year).
Hope everyone had a great time with their families and loved ones. My Christmas was… Hmm different… I went to Nigeria and spent some time with my family… Definitely needed… Some things were great some not so much but I guess that’s part of family… They are all some what dysfunctional… Well my break time is over and while I’m here in the Dubai airport with a 7 hr layover to kill I figure I would write a bit. If you follow my twitter account lol u probably noticed Nigeria gave me a LOT to tweet about… And the expression that accompanied those tweets were pretty much always this one u see in the picture lol…now it’s time to regroup and go back to Cagliari and try and finish this basketball season in the best way..thank goodness we won our last game before the break. Yeyyy…
Oh on another note my locks are now a year old and I love it!:) can’t wait to get on long hair don’t care status!
ART well before I left I made a painting that I really like and that was very full of emotions.. Enough to come with a poem attached to it… Hope you’ll like both… Well I would probably have a whole more tales to tell but I wouldn’t be able to do so without revealing too much… So this is it for now… Until next time.

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