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Hello hello everybody, I must say I did better this time….I didn’t let months go by between entries!!!:) yey me!!!! Ok sooo…. Well since the last time I’ve bored you not much has changed. Basketball….even tho we are getting better as a team…we still are not getting those W’s and that blows big time if you ask me…. I don’t think I will EVER get used to losing…which I guess it’s a good thing….means I never stop trying… But not getting the results it’s getting extremely frustrating…hmmmph anyways moving on…my hair is growing so fast it’s exciting I didn’t know it had that kind of growth potential!cant wait to see where it will be at its 2years mark!!
Random info…this month I learned im
Not always as strong as I thought I was…turns out my feelings do take the best of my better judgment too from time to time( thankfully not too often)…oh well guess I’m human after all…hmmm I probably should just go back to my “heart of stone” self…cus this blows just as much as all those lost games…ok maybe not in the same ballpark but eh…
NEXT…. Now on to something im always extra excited to share with you guys…. Here are my latest two pieces of art work….of which I most say I am pretty proud of….they both still in what I like to call my current “picassean” blue phase…(must be the whole human thing…lol) but any who here they are…hope u like em!
Until next time,

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