positive vibrations!

hi there!!!!
first let me just say, the title of this blog its in honor of the great late Bob Marley, whose birthday was a couple of days ago!!im a fan of his music and his peaceful message!
anyways…that was a side note! i have a few good things to share with you guys, of which i am very excited about! today it will be exclusively ART!
a few weeks ago i decided to participate to an online art contest “all women art exhibition” and out of the 310 entries i was awarded 3rd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i indeed was very exited about it!!!!:)
i received an Award Certificate,a little bit of press, and internet advertising space!!! things are definitely looking up!!!
here you can see the online exhibit, and what the competition looked like!!:)
Not too long after this, i was contacted by the Full Circle Art Gallery & Studio,(1240 HWY 54 West/ suite 300, Fayeteville Georgia) and i was asked to participate in the art exhibit that will be held starting February 25th 6pm-10pm “Celebrating black history” here are the new pieces i made that will be exposed in the gallery until the end of March! if you are in the Atlanta area take the time to go and check it out, supprt me and support the arts!!!!!!:)
until next time!

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