"ONLY" three years later

Gosh….I cannot believe I’ve let a whole three years go by….I don’t even know where to begin with this one… but I know one thing, there will no longer be any hair or bball talk going on because I no longer play and I had the terrible idea of starting my locs over ( its a long story I wont bore  you with). So from now will focus on everything art! How does that sound???

Hope you said great, because here goes it!!:)

What is art to you?When you see a piece does it do anything for you other than being an esthetically pleasing object?Well as far as I am concerned creating art its something that brings me the outmost peace…I feel lifted of anything weighing me down. At the same time though it makes me a bit anxious: today I was waiting to find out if I had been accepted in a art group show and if I tell you my heart has been in my chest for half of the day?? ( that cant be good….lol right?!) by the way i DID NOT get in…:(

the athlete in me just takes it as game 1 of a 7 series playoffs, I might have lost home court advantage but its not over!;)

What kind of art do you like to see? What makes you want to attend an art show? I really do want to know though so I make sure to implement it in my next one!;)

So 2016 sheesh its been a very fast first three months hasn’t it? The new entry for the year have been time lapse videos of me creating my pieces, its a nice way to share my world with you guys and I hope you enjoyed them.

Since I have been gone for so long I don’t want to overload you, so I will leave you with my very first time lapse video

With the promise of not letting another three years go by, ciao for now.
Be Art,

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