Let’s talk street…art

As you might or might not know, I spent the past year on and off in London.

Where to start with this one. Lets say I missed the sun like never before in life, never realize how much I took a blue sky for granted until it became a rarity.

Weather aside, London was definitely an inspiration, and made me revaluate how I viewed street art.

What do you guys think of, when you think of street art??? I’ve always been a fan of it…I even made a mural on my bedroom’s wall as a teenager ( my mom on the other hand did not quite appreciate as much as I did lol ). There has always been a stigma attached to street art.

Its viewed as vandalizing property or the artists are “street punks”, it makes the city ugly….so on and so forth…well if you have ever been to London you know how gray it can be and feel, and street art to me was the equivalent to the missing sun.

 Which was very appreciated!! London street art is just the tip of the iceberg….


Street art can be so powerful!! Have you ever seen the separating wall between Palestine and Israel? The messages on there are an artistic cry for help and acknowledgment, from the rest of the world. Even Banski left is iconic mark with this bouquet grenade throwing man image. It reminded me of the powerful picture with the little girl putting a flower in the barrel of a gun for some reason.

In Houston street art is everywhere…is beautiful and its an out loud love declaration to this wonderful city! ( I am a bit bias…I really looove H-town!!!)

And there is Nigeria…this wonderful piece was on a high school campus, and it was a collaborative piece made by the students to leave their mark behind once they graduated and inspire the newer generations of students..

How could street art be consider garbage? Yes sure there is always going to be that one that ruins it for everyone, but if anything else I truly hope I made a new street art believer today

Ciao for now!!
Be art,

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