Living as an artist

Hey guys,

hope your week was a good one, and hope you have fun relaxing plans for the weekend.

Me? well I’m still struggling with trying to get my dissertation on the way…but thats neither here nor there for now!
My weekend will be very “artistic” 🙂  While showing at the beastie art party a couple of  weekends ago I was invited  to participate in the shooting of an art documentary featuring a bunch of local talented street artists;  that will be my fun for the weekend!!! Saturday evening I also  will be showing my work at the Houston Museum of African American Culture during the Queen Lyfe Sip & Share event.

I feel like I’m living as an artist to the fullest! what does that even mean?? Do you live as a teacher, a doctor, a cook or whatever your occupation is? Is it just something that pays the bills?

If you could choose to do something that could sustain your livelihood and inspire you to live your life exactly how you want it, what would it be? ( I really do want to know your answers!!!leave a comment!!!!:) )

Living as an artist has so many stigmas some of which might be true and some that are just so ridiculous its hilarious, but the main one is that all artists are starving…

But why is that? I mean I get it, like with any other profession in the world, not every single individual in it will be as successful as the next person, but going in knowing its a lost cause to begin with….”le sigh” is all that comes to mind.
We are what we put in right? Everyone choses a path that works for them, I decided to get a masters in international business management to give myself an edge and help me overcome the starving artist faith ( lol its still a work in progress) but its a step right?
I think that everyone can achieve the goals they set out for themselves if they work hard ( and smart) enough for it, do you agree?
But what is the point of this rant I just went on today? Mainly is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you that has been supporting me and other living artists with our craft, is because of people like you that see the value and the hard work that we put in what we do that we are able to go through the struggle by doing something we love.
I want to challenge you, share this post with a friend that did not know the amount of sweats tears and hunger (lol) that goes on behind each piece of art they might have been trying to get for cheaper, or that took a picture of a piece and went home and printed it ( yea that happens too -_- ).
Supporting the art is beyond buying art work, is giving the artist the respect and credit for what she or he does, and hey, a compliment here and there goes a long way too!!:)
Trust me, your support does not go unnoticed, matter of fact…stay tuned for future blogs I am working on something and I will be gifting some of you with it!!
Ciao for now!
Be art,

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