For the love of Van Gogh

Hi there!

Hope your week as been great so far. We finally made it over the hump, its down hill from here! I have a couple of really cool things I would like to share with you all today!

While having my daily Facebook procrastination scroll of the day, i cam across the most wonderful display of art I think I have ever seen in my life. I am always in awe of the amazing talent that there is in the world. And even more inspired by how much growth potential I can see in my work after seeing all of that great artwork.

Ok so back on task. what I saw was a rendition of Van Gogh’s art work brought to live frame by frame by artists…lots of them…I don’t even want to ruin the magic of this, I want you to be as shocked as I was so here enjoy this short video!!

Ok so was I right?? How amazing was that??I definitely cannot wait for this to be completed and go enjoy it!!!
On a much less”worldwide worthy news” this month I will be the featured artists at the Breakfast Klub, for you that are not from Houston The Breakfast Klub is the “Hotspot for diner-style American eats & stick-to-your-ribs soul food including chicken & waffles”. If you are in town and fancy a yummy meal go by, and if you like my work take a selfie with it, tag me on Instagram (@abiolaw_art #artbyabiola) and you will get a discount on your next Art by Abiola purchase: 20% off of any print and 15% off of any original (only valid for one piece). Hope to see your happy faces on my timeline!

Here is a shot from last year’s exhibit!there will be plenty new pieces, one of which I just completed!!!!and by just I mean last night!!

Ciao for now!
Be art!
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