Night owl

So funny enough while I type this I am actually very very VERY sleepy and its only 10 pm…but that’s just because I had a very long day, temporary early sleepiness aside I bet that if you speak to any self proclaimed artist, chances are they will tell you that they come to life at night.

We are to night like bees are to honey!!!

I often catch myself fighting sleep so much, in the name of not being  ready to miss out on a new “BRILLIANT” nocturnal idea!

There is something about the deafening silent of the night, that I personally find extremely suiting.

In my days living in Milan I often went and sat on my balcony – it was very Romeo & Juliet -esq ( no Romeo OR Juliet in sight) – at 2 in the morning day dreaming, well I guess in this case it would be night dreaming right??

After taking in the moonlight and the night fresh air I would come back feeling completely recharged and full of art that needed to be expressed.

And to add a fun, “feel good about myself” fact…apparently going to bed late is a sign of intelligence….I did not make this up look:


written by  


Now I don’t know how much truth is there in these numbers and I’m also so not in my twenties anymore….lol , but hey…that sounds like a great excuse/explanation for staying up late!

Jokes aside, have you ever just sat outside in the middle of the night? no cars passing by,  almost no noise, just the fresh air, the moon and the stars keeping you company? I suggest you to try at least once and see if it does anything for you!

Tonight tho, is one of those nights were I will be going to sleep before midnight for a change, lol the side effect of night “owling” is that eventually one day is bound to be your crash day, and I guess today is that day!

So on that note, have a great rest of the week, enjoy your weekend, and talk soon!!

Ciao for now!
Be Art!

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