Is Death the reason?

hey guys!

This week I am a day late with the post….but who is really keeping track?;)

Okay soooo about today’s topic, I need to start with a DISCLAIMER: I am, always been and probably always will be somewhat emotionally challenged.

“My heart can be hard as stone and yet soft as water” Bob Marley (Tattooed on me…woop!!)

For the life of me I do not understand being upset or real life sad over the death of someone I DO NOT KNOW, I have never met or spoken to. I can feel for their family and loved ones…but thats the extent of it. I REPEAT I am emotionally challenged BUT  I don’t have an opinion about those that do feel deeply in those situation I just don’t really understand it but thats more of a personal problem lol!

Okay now that thats out in the open.

Dear artists, why is that that as soon as a celebrity dies, EVERYONE jumps on the remembrance portrait? Don’t get me wrong I am all for immortalizing an idol ( I probably painted Bob Marley 3…ok 5 times already and I will probably do it again!)

But this topic I have been thinking about for a long time and figured, hey I got a blog, let it out! I remember when Paul Walker passed a few years back, it was right around the same time frame when Sir Nelson Mandela also died.

I must say, at the time I was a bit ticked off by the amount of RIP Paul paintings drawings etc I saw on my timeline vs the ZERO I saw to honor Mandela. ( I did make a painting in his honor)

Here is why: I don’t believe one’s life is more valuable than the other and obviously people have different emotional attachment to different public figures… but Mandela was a man who sacrificed so much of his life for the betterment of others life, while Paul Walker made 7 movies racing a car ( I’m sure his life was a LOT deeper than that…but try to see my point here)

So at this point I just really got to ask:  is it because the chances of selling a painting of a recently deceased hollywood celebrity (Paul Walker rather than Mandela), or a music Icon right after their death is 10,000 times higher?

Everyone is emotionally discombobulated and heart broken over the death, and here comes the most beautiful art piece with the face of their lost beloved….WHERE DO I SEND THE MONEY???

Obviously this thought of mine came back after the unfortunate premature death of Prince, and the (most amazing) but very timely paintings of him started popping up all over my timeline.

I don’t know, doesn’t it feel like as artist we are capitalizing on someone losing their life?
Would you have painted Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston etc etc if they were still alive?
Are those remembrance pieces for sale, or are they for your private collection because thats how much you cared for them and how deeply hurt you are by their passing?

I know I sound very cynical, and Im totally ok with it, but I don’t know EXAMPLE…black mamba retired, and if you are into that kind of art then heck yea go for it, the man is still alive and well, I think its ok if your painting of him sell like hot cakes,  (I might end up adding him to my sports legend collection one day!) or if you rather paint a bag full of hot sauce because Queen Bey said so, shoot more power to you!!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND I am not saying never paint a dead icon, heck I have a few on my list my self…


But I don’t know…these dead celebrities have not even being buried yet and already their image feels exploited.

I MIGHT BE WAAAAYY OFF HERE and I hope someone tells me different, but until then in my opinion it feels like “a man’s death is another man’s treasure”.

Welp this was my rant of the day. Let me know your thoughts I love an healthy open dialogue.

ciao for now!

Be Art,

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