It ain’t that deep y’all!!!

Hey there!!! I hope everyone that was affected by the bad weather is doing ok and things are getting better.

Its Thursday and I made it on time!!:)

So let’s be honest, how many of you have asked an artist : “So….what inspired you to create this?” or ” Your work is great, where does it come from?” and expected some kind of ethereal, philosophical perhaps life changing response?

And how many did, in fact get some deep elaborated answer?

Well today we are going to tackle that question!!!

Guess what guys?! YES! Sometimes artwork comes from a deep, dark place ( might be light, rainbows and unicorns for some, but I function in “darkness”) that needs to be relieved; but a lot more times


Yes I know, booooooooo (insert thumbs down emoji) that’s no fun, but really guys, it is not always that deep!

There isn’t always a secret agenda or message behind a piece of art. The rain is a major art propeller (again, at least for me); wine makes plenty guest appearances too during “uninspired” art sessions.
Don’t get me wrong, whether is because heart broken, sad, empowered or just simply bored with plenty of time on my hands, art will forever come from a place of LOVE.

Being able to create and share your vision with the world is a great feeling. I like to think painting is a way to share all of me without showing any of me. Let us artists know what that piece that you are admiring makes YOU feel, that to me is so much more inspiring. If art doesn’t bring any form of emotion (good or bad) then it has failed regardless to what “deep deep” inspiration was or was not behind it.

So trust me when I say, most of the times we (well I know I do) artists answer your “what inspired you” question with a series of “blah blah blah, feeling, blah blah blah spiritual, blah blah blah empower..” all we really would like to say is ” I was bored, it was raining, I was happy, I don’t watch TV, I was high ( doesn’t apply to me but hey, wonder what I would create in that state…hmm lol) I was tipsy ( now THIS applies!) I couldn’t sleep ( 90%) I saw a beautiful picture, heck its a commission ($)

Basically what I’m trying to say is, enjoy it, share it, let us know what it makes you feel, but just know that at times…it’s just not that deep y’all!!! 😉

Ciao for now!
Be art,

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