Hey guys!I know I am a whole two weeks late, but I promise the wait was worth it!!

Piero Vinci

Today I want to introduce you all to  Piero Vinci, (click on his name!!) an artist I truly look up to. I was lucky to be able to pick his brains while in Italy and learn a few things from him. He helped me curate my first Italian solo show in Taranto, even made a portrait of my big ole head!!:)  I have the out most respect for this guy both as an artist and as a person ( he is really cool y’all) and he was oh so kind to take part in this interview (Obviously it was in Italian so here is the translation)

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Taranto, (south of Italy) but I lived in the North for many years, in Pavia (near Milano) for six years then in Florence for ten years.

2.When did you start painting?

I always had a passion for drawing, my father was an amateur painter and he thought drawing. But I started painting late…around my thirties, while living in Firenze ( Florence)  and I was fascinated by the art that I saw in that city.

3. Do you identify in any specific style?

No. I define myself as a free artist, exactly because I do not have specific reference points, I am in constant search and evolution, and I express my self in different activities, not just painting but in any situation where there is craftsmanship and creativity to be developed.

                                                         (thats me thats me!!!!)

4. What is your main inspiration?

For years it was fantasy, colors and sinuous forms….in the last ten years or so I radically changed in the way I paint and my subjects. Now I am inspired a lot more by reality, the daily and the lived, but also faces, looks and eyes…especially women…I chase beauty. 

5. What has changed in your style over the years?

Like I’ve already mentioned it changed radically about ten years ago…maybe I reached a certain maturity, a more internal view brought me to look at life with more of and observer’s eye instead of a dreamer’s …the color explosions that used to be very strong are now attenuated, and the more delicate and at time monochromatic tones prevailed. 

Piero, myself and his lovely wife.

6. How does the business side of art affect your creativity?

I don’t like it, like I think most artists don’t , but unfortunately it has to be kept under consideration, its indispensable. Andrea Pazienza ( great designer, cartoonist that I love) used to say: ” When I work I never think about the money…maybe a moment before or a moment afterwards…but never while I work”

7. What advice would you give to young artists?

Work work and work…always with passion and the desire to improve oneself…and study, search, see discover…art is a lot of things!

8. If you could change something in your career what would it be?

I am happy of what I do and I just want to improve more…If I could have started earlier…but this is life

9. Do you have a favorite artist?

There are a lot, and every day I discover new ones. Lucien Freud gave very strong emotions a few years ago…but also Richter and the masters of the renaissance, Pontormo and many more.
10. Is there any artists ( visual or not) of the past that you would have liked to collaborate with?
Maybe with Pollock…but also Basquiat or Haring…yea I probably would have liked to get to know Basquiat.

11. Do you have a specific milestone that you would like to reach?or that you have already reached?

No nothing in particular other than always improving…never settle, its always possible to do better!!

Thank you Piero for your time!Grazie!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview and love his work as much as I do!

Ciao for now,
Be art!

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