ARTIST ETIQUETTE 101 (In my opinion)

Hey hey!!
This week I’m back on time!woop woop!!
So…today I wanted to lay out five points that I think artists, myself included of course, should do better at.
PSA: This is purely my opinion and there isn’t an empirical study behind this BUT seemed legit to me 😉
So here we go:


I, like I guess all artists, want to share my work with the world (and hopefully a few buyers) but I’ve noticed that a lot of artists share with other artists A LOT!!! Premise: I love sharing my work with fellow creatives to gain perspective and knowledge, and I cherish the opinion of those whose work I respect and look up to; but I also know they are NOT going to be the ones buying my work, so tagging your entire art group on your latest piece is it really necessary?


How would you feel if I came to your home, blind folded you and dragged you into a random meet up group and told you that you were now a member?
YUP same thing dear artist, allow people to decided if they want to be in your art group or not; NO ONE wants to be told what, when and where to like…chances are you are actually turning a potential new fan all the way off.
Of course this doesn’t apply to group or business pages invitations, just let it be free will, humans loooove free will.


There is room for everyone!!!!!! Competition in art is really irrelevant, art is so subjective its almost impossible to know how we “compare ” to one another. Clients like what they like, trying to dodge a fellow artists by not telling about a show, an art contest or whatever else might be poppin’ its well….BLAH JUST BLAH!!! Maybe it’s my athlete mindset, but I see power in numbers. I am not saying collaborate if you don’t want to ( art is my solo space time for example) but share resources, let people in your same predicament know about opportunities, I guarantee you they will return the favor when you least expect it.




I know, we can’t help it, but think about it, if your goal as an artist is to gain a following, and a solid collector base, do you really think “crying” about how valuable you and your work are, on social media will gain you respectability, and people will take you seriously. Use your real life friends as a sounding board, heck they talk back…(I hope)…


This last one is for the lovely art aficionados. We, the artists all truly appreciate your likes, comments, shares and purchases. Without you there would be no ultimate goal to what we do, but we do have a request: If you have zero intention on buying anything, or you know it’s not part of your budget, don’t give the impression you are an actual buyer, don’t bring someone’s hopes up for no real reason. For a lot of artists this is a way of life, and making a sale means getting stuff done in real life. So pleeeeeeease be respectful. Nothing wrong at all with just saying “love your work, but I cant afford it right now” we appreciate it a lot more than going through a whole price war for you to just get ghost on us! Using the words of the super dope miss Eykah Badu :”we are artists and we are sensitive about our S*it”

Ok these are my five, what did you all think?

Got any other to add to this etiquette list?
I wanna hear!:)

Ciao for now!
Be Art

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