A few years ago, I want to say about six or so, when I first started to get familiar with Houston’s art scene, a friend of mine told me to look up a guy she went to high school with: Julian Kyle. Boy am I glad I did!!!It was art love at first sight! *DISCLAIMER* I might or might have not stalked him on Facebook for a good while – no shame in my game people- and at one point I decided to show up at an art show I knew he had work in (Thanks Facebook!!).

jk profile.jpg

Julian was as cool in person as on social media ( y’all know the internet be lying) so here. I think you all should know this super dope artist too!!





1.Where are you from?

Born in Stuttgart Germany raised in Dallas Texas.

2. When did you start creating?

I can remember beginning to draw when I was in pre k.

bob.jpg      cuba jk           madiba.jpg

3. Self thought or art school?

My grandmother Willa Cato was an artist and my great (x7) grandfather Joseph Theus was an artist who still has work in the Brooklyn museum. So its in my blood. I didn’t have real art instruction until high school. Shout out to Mrs Kores and Mr Walters.

4. How would you classify your work?

Post contemporary modern art lol

5. Has your style changed over time?

Yes. In high school I used to do portraits because at the time I thought it was the most difficult. But when I got to Texas Southern University, Harvey Johnson Leamond Green and most importantly Leonard Brown taught me to create from my people’s history and experiences. And to do my part to inform and glorify my ancestors and their achievements.


6. What’s the main difference between NYC and Houston’s art world?

Not much. Both are ran by the white elites. Both are dominated by white male artists. But the main difference to me is the access to classic artwork. And there is more of an appreciation for art in general. Plus the competition is far more superior in NYC.

spike       painjk             cotton.jpg

7. Do you have any artists you look up to, or that you would have liked to collaborate with (past or present)?

Kara walker, Chuck close, Jean Michael Basquait, Cesan and my grandmother

8. Where do you see your work taking you?

Hopefully to helping get black folk better educated about and to have a higher value for art. And I hope it gets me my penthouse @ 432 park ave!

cotton                               dopeness

9. Proudest art achievement?

So far, selling paintings to spike Lee and Jose Parla in the same month. No gallery! All by myself.

10. Any advice for young artists trying to leave their mark?

To constantly create. To donate time to learn more. To stay in the museums and study the masters. And to no be afraid to experiment.

FullSizeRender 18                   FullSizeRender 17                FullSizeRender 16


Well guys, hope you all enjoyed learning about this dope artist, y’all go check his work out! In case you didn’t know, when my bank account finally agrees with my REM phase I will be collecting art and best believe mr Kyle’s work will be on my wall!!!


ciao for now!

Be Art


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  1. Dr, Jacquelyn Cook Kyle says:

    Keep your eyes on this artist. You will be amazed. You can see the depth of his soul. I know what I’m talking about! One of a kind! Proud mama!


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