So last week I left my job as an over the phone, in office interpreter. It just wasn’t for me or I wasn’t for it, either way, it was time to part ways.

Let’s just say I knew I wouldn’t last long when they tried to convince me that a three walls, no ceiling cubical could be sound proof…like huh??HOW??? – cue in-laws of sound-

Anyways transitioning from being an athlete all my life to what we* call “regular” life has been a real challenge. The thing is, as scared as I am of failing and not finding my path, I am more scared of getting complacent and settle with whatever comes my way.

To keep my self-motivated, and my dreams in sight, every few years a friend of mine and I make our vision boards, and I must say there is nothing better than visualizing your ideas and updating them once you’ve reached some of those goals. (New board due soon!)

FullSizeRender 19

I think at times it’s easy to get lost in the magazines while looking at what to cut and paste in order to create the future of your dreams. Heck if I see a Roll Royce ( I know nothing about cars, but I know enough to know that it’s expensive) I might cut it up and put it on my board, but is it REALLY what I want??

I decided that before even opening the magazines for inspiration I should write down what my expectations of myself are, and break them down into different categories.  I am in a transitioning stage, of which I want to exit as an accomplished entrepreneur and create the life I want with the tools I have.  I think of the vision board as a business model canvas, and in the same manner,  we describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot our business model (life).

Just knowing that a big part of  my last board’s  visions came to life, is a boost of confidence in the right direction, and boy is it needed! Because of this, I want to share my process with you all with this ” Before you get to the glue” mini guide free for you to download.

I hope it will help you create the board of your dream (real) life.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.05.24 PM


*We: on any given day could refer to being a basketball player, an artist, African, Italian, Nigerian, an entrepreneur, polyglot.

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