Before coming to America ( btw I saw the movie on tv last night and it will forever be hilarious) I thought the prom was only real on Sweet Valley High or Saved by the Bell ( if you don’t know what they are you are too young to be online!) It wasn’t until I came here that I realized in America you celebrate practically EVERY achievement.

While waiting for my master’s dissertation results I worked at an interpretation company. My second active month on the job I received a certificate of appreciation….for being on time “WTH????” it’s what I was thinking while the lady that handed it  to me had the biggest smile on her face. Isn’t being on time to work what any responsible adult is supposed to do?I personally found the certificate somewhat insulting and condescending, but then I took a glimpse at other cubicles and others that were awarded the same recognition , proudly hung it on their cubes. (mine never left my drawer and has since been discarded). Looks like I was alone with this one.

What’s with the need of fake accomplishments? My last year of high school, during my last day of our exit exam ( it’s a three-day test, plus an oral examination where our thesis is presented) my mom called me, asking me for my whereabouts, as if my exam was not that big of a deal for her to remember that it was in process. Well it really wasn’t, not graduating high school was never an option and graduating was a given, nothing to be praised about but something completely expected.

I guess because of my Italian/ Nigerian  experience of the uncelebrated  importance attached to graduating I just really have a hard time understanding  participation certificates. I love seeing pictures of little munchkins ( all children are munchkins to me) graduating 1st grade, pre-k etc…but is it really an achievement? graduating kinder garden? what does that even mean? Best at taking naps? Ate the cookies and not the Crayons?Honestly if it so easy to be praised why would anyone even strive or try to actually do something worth of recognition? I might be too cynical on this one, but I stand by it: when things are given easily they lose value.  It can’t possibly feel good to obtain something simply for being there. I don’t know I would love to hear your opinions on this. Am I missing something?


Ciao for now,

Be art,



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