Shameless plug!

Sunday I am having my second solo show in Houston, and I have been excited, busy, tired, creative and sleepless.

As I sit here and look at my living room/studio space, I am questioning my mental sanity, and why is this worth it, but then after each new piece of work I make, I remember…I just love how I feel when I create, and I can’t wait to share it with anyone who cares.

While prepping for this show, with a little bit of arm twisting by a few friends, I decided to not share on social media, progress shots of the latest pieces I’ve created…OH EM GEE….the social media addiction and need of approval it’s so real. Who would have thought that not posting a simple picture of my work would actually require discipline?

It’s safe to say that I made a couple of image hostages, and they were receiving the pictures I would have otherwise posted online.

REMIXING (IM)POSSIBILITIES…I went on google trying to find the perfect name for my show, and I found this cool “show naming app”. When I saw this title…I knew it was it. Remixing  (Im)possibilities has been my life for the past 4 months.

As a recently retired basketball player trying to find her identity and life path off the court, the impossible and the possible have collided plenty of times.

Art is the one constant, so until everything else starts making sense, I know I can always count on it.

Ok well, that was enough of me for today, if you are in Houston come on out Sunday, and enjoy an afternoon of art, live music and good vibes!

IMG_6747 2

Ciao for now,

Be Art


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