What a wonder!

Well, check me out being back on time!!

Today I’ll have a flashback Friday! One of my favorite human interactions ever in life happened to me in Petra, Jordan.

Two Christmases ago, some friends of mine and myself took a trip to Israel. That was about the 6th time going back for me but what can I say I really enjoy that place and made some great friendship during my years playing basketball there (that means no Hotel fees people!!!).

Well, this time around we decided to go on an adventure. One of my favorite humans on earth (arguably my best friend, we just don’t call each other that…you know, we are too “cool” for the mushy stuff) had the terrible idea of going to Petra without me, and that was not going to go down!!

So you guessed it, while in Israel this travel crew took the smiles to Petra.


Where can I start with this one? It was HUH-MAZING, truthfully an “awe” moment. As soon as that giant door carved in stone faces you (see the face?!lol) you are just taken over by this majestic view.


But let me start from the beginning!Once we left the Israeli border behind and after going through a very rigolous passport check, a driver from Jordan took over the second half of our trip to Petra.

When we finally arrive at our destination, we are presented with a couple of options. We were in the middle of the desert and surrounded by mountains that resembled the grand canyon (not that I ever saw it in person, but you know the internet helps) and the two option were: trek to the door (about 1-hour walk) or ride a horse. I, of course, thought the horse Idea would have been great until one of the Bedouin guides said “You fall not my problem”…why I’ll be, let me tie up this shoes a little tighter for this walk.

On the way, we met this really cool guy from Australia who was on a solo trip, and pretty much became our new best friend for the day, we were so close… I don’t remember his name lol but he was fun to talk to! My hair was a hit with the locals (I had giant Marley twists in at the time) and someone tried to sell us a mini tube of Pringles for $5 (insert side eye)

The walk, as it turns out was not as arduous as I expected it to be, the sun was out but the air was cool which definitely made it a lot more bareble. Between all the historical sights on the way, and the guide telling us about how these mountains formed through water erosion and the, of course, obligatory selfies before we knew it, we had arrived.

Right there around the corner comes the majestic door of Petra. It was absolutely breathtaking, I got to say the Transformers movie did it no justice (duh?!).

So the whole area used to be home to the locals. They  lived in the caves all around the mountains but somehow came to an agreement with the government to move to the outer areas, while still being able to come back and vend to tourists.

Well, this is where I met my little Bedouin friend and had my favorite human interaction of the day.

This little boy didn’t speak any English, but learned all the essentials” Hello! What’s your name?  Buy this! Give me money!”Let’s just say we got stuck on the “give me money” part of his vocabulary.  That had to be the most hilarious 15 minutes ever. I only had Shekels (Israeli currency) on me so I took out the coins I had and handed them to him, yeaaaa he didn’t quite appreciate that: “NO, give me Dollah”. At that point, I just started cracking up really. I truthfully didn’t have any on me and what I was handing was all I had, he followed me around while I was being an exploring tourist and pretty much just hung on the back of my jacket.


He was so cute It didn’t bother me one bit, but just had me smiling and laughing at his persistency, he knew he was safe and the Bedouins in the area were (see pirates of the carribean looking guys below) , of course, looking out for the little one. But at one point, I could tell he was just truly enjoying our little interaction, perhaps because he was so used to just being shushed away by most tourists.

The way I see it I was in his home, so the least I could do was to engage and not ignore him, plus I’m a sucker for kids!!


Until next time,

Be art



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