Hi guys!!Hope you enjoyed the extended weekend, did it make you even more tired as it made me?

So, as you may or may not know, while trying to make my way through the post basketball stage of my life, and searching for the RIGHT job for me, I have been driving Uber (being an artists is great, but not quite sustainable just yet!!soon though!*insert flexed arm emoji*).

Hmmm where should I start, let’s just say that for me, to actually get behind the wheel of my car to haul strangers around took some serious self-talks, and convincing, but then when that first bill showed up….”start the car!START THE CAAARRRR!!!!!”. It was not an easy task and is still isn’t ( refer to this to know why!). But two months in, I finally got a little rhythm going, maybe also because my career search even though long, is starting to shape up to something and I haven’t been feeling as down on my self as I used to, or maybe because I have met some really interesting people in the process.

So here I decided to introduce to you 5 people archetypes I had the pleasure (or not) to have in my car:

1. The “I ate a lemon this morning so my face looks like this”.

You know that person that is just mad for no real reason, and has that sour look? Well I caught me a few, the interesting part is they were more often men than women, and don’t get me wrong a rider that does not want to make conversation absolutely makes my day, but it’s all about the vibe, some people are happily quiet, some are just rudely quiet. The “I ate a lemon” person was the latter. The funniest thing is that while my Uber ratings are usually fives, ( as an athlete I do not care what I do, but please believe that I want to “win” at it just FYI!!lol) they magically drop to fours right after these oh so special individuals. One would wonder if they were actually just rating themselves!

2. The happy wife, happier mother and successful woman.

I must say, the high energy they usually presented themselves with was initially hard to match, especially early in the morning, but turned out it was always a very great conversation, a lot of things in common and more often than not exchanged information for networking purposes. I always left these riders with a smile, added knowledge and renewed hope for my future career. The mom side would come out once they started to ask me about myself, and the more I revealed the more they wanted to contribute to the “future success they just absolutely knew I would have”. Now if that is not a boost of energy I do not know what is!

3. Can we make a stop on the way?Oh and I am late for work!

Okay, now this one I thought was really a funny one, because lo and behold  it was always a fellow black woman. ( I am still anxiously waiting for another ethnicity to help me break this stereotype). They would get in super grateful because apparently, two previous drivers had already canceled on them. They either have a month worth of groceries or they have kids with them, that need to be dropped off at school, then they need to make their way to work for which so far on average it has been with about 1 hour delay, but still needed to make a gas station store run. I loved seeing their interaction with their kids, who have been the cutest and most polite little humans thus far. As much as the tiredness of the beginning of the week, or the end of the week or the middle of the weeks, was all over these women’s smiles, their stregnth always transpired as well.

4. The “I am an artist” …”no way me too!!”

Obviously this is my absolute favorite ( ok top 2 favs along with the next topic). I met various types of artists: a couple of Broadway actors in town for a musical, one was also Simba in the Lion king, how cool is that?? A super eclectic lady who is a painter and plays the clarinette, a brazilian sculpturist with whom I had the pleasure to meet up again and converse while exploring the Menile collection. I am pretty sure I’ve exchanged information with each one of them. Who knew Ubering could be such a networking tool.

5. Me no speak English (but I’m trying to anyways)

Ok, you should know me well enough by now to know that this, was of course my second favorite type of rider!!Being that we are in Texas, the majority of the time this rider only spoke Spanish and couldn’t communicate with me. So it was awesome to see the big smile and surprise when I would start speaking in their language! Spanish is by far one of my favorite languages, so I get really excited anytime I get a chance to speak it. I had a couple of encounters with French and Portuguese ( artist from above) as well, even though I do not speak either, I could comprehend most of both, so that was a good practice run as well! Now properly learning Portuguese is definitely on my more immediate radar!

Any Uber drivers out there with fun rider encounters!Feel free to share! There will be more coming soon (if it does not happen, be happy for me it means I got my dream job!!!)

Ciao for now,

Be art


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