Not that into you?

Hey guys,

I know I’m like a whole week behind. I am sorry, to my defense I had a great bday month/week/weekend is that a good excuse?! ūüėČ


So today I just wanted to have a brief convo with you guys in the “people interactions” category and specifically in the dating type of interactions.

I have been out of the game for a veeeerrryyy long time, no need to go into details about that…-_- But let’say it has been long enough to where certain things could use a bit of freshening up.

So here I have 5 questions/opinions I would like to share and hope to get some answers from you guys in return!!Alright, here goes nothing.

  1. What is the difference between a date and hanging out? See the way I see it a date, comes after a formal invite from the interested party, and it only involves the two individuals, but I mean double dates group dates, are those still actually a date?
  2. If you actually like the person you are dating ¬†is it necessary to tell them “Hey person, I like you!” or you just kind of go with the flow and hope your actions speak loudly enough for themselves and don’t make you come off as some overly attentive creep?Let’s just say the check box days would come in kinda handy…fullsizerender-3
  3. How long until you start to have some sort of expectations? I personally never really have any, might be kind off cynical but hey… the whole no expectations no disappointments rule, ¬†works pretty well for me. However, a lot of people, and in my experience ¬†women in particular fall into what is their perception of reality, and that ends up clouding what is really happening in front of them in real life. What do you think?
  4. Why is it so hard to believe someone might not like you? Of course we are all the most awesome thing created since sliced bread in our eyes, but some people might be more into chips ( see what I did there?) but really, I was guilty of that at one point, but understanding that someone not liking you does not reflect on you as a person, but on simply what it is they are looking or not looking for, is a hard mental battle we all struggle with!
  5. So this whole “the¬†right person for you”…who comes up with the qualifications?Like I am guessing in the initial stages of dating everyone seems pretty perfect”for you” I mean unless you are dating an openly proclaimed crazy person ( in which case you should know better) how do you even know when is time to figure out where it’s going, and if you should ride with it, or hitch-hike your way back to single town, and try this whole thing again?

Well, I for one am very curious to hear yall’s opinions! so comment¬†away!

Ciao for now,

be art,



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