Hey guys!

I know… just when you thought I had this blogging on time thing under control….here I go disappearing two weeks smh, I am trying to do better tho I swear!!!!!

So today I wanted to talk about that good ole comfort zone. As easy it is to stay in it, I’ve recently come to find out that stepping out, going with your gut, and just going for whatever it is you have your sight on, can actually be a really interesting and empowering experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to tell you it is all butterflies, rainbows and happy quotes, half the time it actually sucks big time.

I think by now you know I was a basketball player, and that has been my job for about 10 years. Now imagine trying to find a job you like after “playing” for pay.

And just like that, that was my first face to face with getting out the comfort zone, and man…it has been by far the hardest, loneliest and flat out most depressing experience ever in life. Settling for any job was not going to cut it, so me being me, I Ubered , Favored, work as a personal trainer, became an interpreter, sold art ( shout out to all the awesome art collectors out there, you are the real MVP) all the while searching for what I finally got 8 months later.

8 FREAKING MONTHS y’all, I was this close (picture thumb and index very close to each other), to quitting, and working for the sake of not starving, but didn’t feel it would have been fair to all the sacrifices I had made up until that point and today, 75 days away from starting my new career, I am very happy I stuck to my guns.

All this to say, is there anything you are willing to really sacrifice everything (or a whole lot) for? What’s holding you from doing that?

The out of comfort zone plunge hasn’t happened only in the “adulting” department though. If you read the Introvert entry, you know how I feel about human interactions, but sometimes I catch myself feeling vibes I am drawn to, and my curiosity adds to that pull. Well without any hidden agendas, I found out that a simple compliment, or as someone stated “sliding in the DMs” ( I was so not sliding) could build futurable friendships I would have never known about. “Nothing great ever happens in the comfort zone” might be the single most cliche yet, true statement I’ve heard in a while.

The new year is around the corner, I do not do resolutions, but I do make lists (lots of em), vision boards ( the current one is for a 6months time frame) and plans for things I need to work on with the new year, and I am planning on trying to keep open and step out of the comfort zone more often!


What do you have planned for the year to come? What “fear” are you ready to let go off?

Ciao for now,

be art,



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