HI GUYS!!!Happy new year! Hope your 2017 is off to a good start, and that you are still holding on strong to those resolutions!!!

It’s time to meet a new amazing artist! His name Is Mark Arceneaux and for once I did not find him through social media.


Being at many art shows in Houston, we get to meet a lot of people and fellow artists. Mark was a “show neighbour” for a while. It never failed, for whatever reason,  we always ended up being placed near each other and became friends over time. He is a nice, and fun guy and his work it’s beautifully strong and inspiring, and of course I couldn’t wait to share it with you all! Enjoy his voice and his work. You’re welcome! 😉

1. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Houston Texas

2. WHEN DID YOU START CREATING? I started drawing at a very young age, I’ll say around 5 or 6 years old.

3. SELF TAUGHT OR ART SCHOOL? To be honest a mixture of both, I went to Johnston middle school where I took an art class every day for three years, but only a semester in college.

4. HOW WOULD YOU CLASSIFY YOUR WORK? Vibrant, fresh, raw, unique, bold.

5. HAS YOUR STYLE CHANGED OVER TIME? Yes extremely, lol the first time I ever touched oil to my current oil paintings I definitely see the growth thank God lol

6. DRAWING OR PAINTING? WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVOURITE? Painting is my new favorite due to the different colors and blending I can express myself better with painting.

7. HOW AS YOUR WORK BEEN RECEIVED AS A GAY BLACK MAN ?? “Exhale”…to be honest it never came up during small or large art events, but I never hide who I am nor do I put on a front I embrace myself and all that comes with my personality. I think that’s what is more important than who I decide to fall in love with.

8. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOUR WORK TAKING YOU? Honestly, my biggest fear is to die a nobody forgotten like the others who came and went. I want my work to change all of that I want my work to be studied in the art books like all the great artistS who came before me.

9. PROUDEST ART ACHIEVEMENT? My first art event in New York and New jersey, I didn’t know anyone so I went there with a dollar and a dream. I sold one piece titled Shattered Dreams and once I came home I never looked back just kept creating

10 ANY ADVICE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS TRYING TO LEAVE THEIR MARK? To all young artist Be yourself, don’t jump into the “trends” movement. Embrace your weirdness and yourself. Also when you’re happy, sad, angry, depressed, broken whatever just paint and or draw, you never know who you might inspire. Last thing if you have a solo show or be apart of an art event make sure the entire room knows your name before you leave.


Thank you Mark for your honesty, and for creating amazing work!

Ciao for now,

be art


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