What type of friend are you?

Hi there!

I am back on time (I think). In today’s people interaction news, I wanted to break down the type of friends or “friends” I’ve had thus far, which one are you or have you had to deal with? One thing I can say for sure, some of these are better lost than found!

So here we go!!


I am so lucky to have a handful of this kind of friends. These are the people that gifts you books to help you plan your future finances, you create vision boards with and share dreams and future plans and trust they will either support you or shoot you down if objectively needed. Whatever secret you tell them you know they will carry it to their grave. These are the type of friends you go to networking events with, have pre-Christmas and Thanksgiving meals with, travel the world and that you actually care what they think about your significant other. ( They don’t like you? We got a problem boo!)  Basically, these friends are your family, your partners in anything that carries some type of real weight in your life and we all need one or two!


Oh but how fun is this one tho. This is the friend that is your best friend just as long as you can provide whatever it is that they are trying to get out of you. It can be time, love, a shoulder to cry on and of course money. This is an opportunistic “friend”, that will disappear ( if you are ever so lucky) and be nowhere to be heard from. They might stick their head out once in a while, but please believe, it will be for some type of favor. This friend will have the audacity to get an attitude with you, if you were oh so “bold” to ask for something or even better to ask for something back! I think we all need one of these in our life, and just call it:”the lesson learned” friend.


Got to love these friends, mainly because to be loved is all they really want. This friend is the person that in a text conversation will never answer your questions because they are totally absorbed in their messages being sent and responded. They are the friend that genuinely loves you, and needs your support in pretty much anything they are trying to accomplish in life, they just have a more negative way of seeing things. I think this one is a tough one to have if you do not have a strong personality. They say misery loves company, but if you are able to bring that friend up to a positive place without being dragged in the theme of self-pity, then I think this friend will show you how to care for someone without any expectations in return.


You meet a person and you think you are going to date and be the best thing ever since Ellen and Portia, come to find out you were more like Kim Kardashian and the Kris dude. But don’t fret that is because you were meant to simply be great friends. I mean once you have seen someone naked there really isn’t much else left to be uncovered. As long as no one’s feelings were truly hurt this can be a really nice friendship, (I like mine) and a complete judgement free zone!


This is not for everyone, but I enjoy those friends that I can go for months without communicating with and the second we reconnect is almost like time as stopped and nothing has changed since the last time we had spoken. These friends are the opposite of “I’m so sad”. The time apart is so much that all you want to do is share all the great things that happened in that time span, this friend is like a much needed random boost of energy that always hits at the right time!

Well, guys, these are my top five! what do you think? Can you relate or do you have other examples!!!

Ciao for now!

Be art,


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