Hi there!

Can you believe is already April? where has the time gone right?!

Well with the new month comes the new artist! Today I would like to introduce you to Brazilian sculpturist and painter Rogerio Botelho. So, remember that time I used to Uber? One day I picked up this guy who told me his English was not that good, and me being me I told him ok, speak your language and let’s see how that works out! Turned out I understood a lot more Portuguese than I even knew, we exchanged contact info and ended up going to have an artistic meeting of the brain at the Menil. Well, he is an awesome artist, and I, for one, I’m glad we met because there is so much that I can learn from him as I walk my artistic path. Until then I’ll just be happy to share his work and give you a chance to getting to know him a little.


1.     WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was born in the interior of Brazil in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais in 1966.
2.      WHEN DID YOU START CREATING? On a visit to an industrial scrap around 1996, where I visualized a peculiar lightness in the drawings of irons.

3.      SELF TAUGHT OR ART SCHOOL? Self-taught,  I have already been working with decorative paintings.

4.      HOW WOULD YOU CLASSIFY YOUR WORK? My work is conceptual art, concerned with nature and recycling and especially challenging in proposing light and organic curves to metal.

5.      HAS YOUR STYLE CHANGED OVER TIME? Not much, I always look for an innovative and differentiated aesthetic.
6.      WHAT MESSAGE, IF ANY, ARE YOU TRYING TO CONVEY THROUGH YOUR WORK?? My message is to all people who have a different look at everyday things to be inspired to create and produce works of art with recycled material.

7.      WHATS THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED WITH SHARING AND SELLING WORK? The few opportunities for emerging artists and the prejudice against recycled materials.


8.      WHERE DO YOU SEE YOUR WORK TAKING YOU? I’m trying to show that the rustic can be beautiful. My life is based on art .. it is my greatest pleasure.

9.      PROUDEST ART ACHIEVEMENT? I am proud of all my works in seeing that I have turned trash into art.

10. ANY ADVICE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS TRYING TO LEAVE  THEIR MARK? Have the audacity and the courage to experience.

Well guys, It is safe to say that the saying, one’s man trash is another’s man’s treasure, has never been truer. If you want to see more of Rogerio’s work or get in touch with him, go and follow his Instagram or visit his website.

Ciao for now!

Be art!


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