How do you find collectors?

A couple of months ago I sold a painting I hadn’t shown all that much, matter of fact it was sold at a show where it was not even on display!


My now new collector saw “graceful strength”  hanging on the wall of a restaurant a year ago, could not decide on it at the time, but just so happened to run into me at an art show. Was it faith? Most definitely, but not without a fair dash of preparation.

How do you keep your collectors close and future collectors even closer? These are a few steps I have been taking that have been working for me and might be useful to you too -my new collector was looking from a distance for a whole year y’all –


At every art show, art fair, art whatever, have a little notebook and a pen. When people come by to take a look at your work, ask them if they would be interested in seeing more and knowing of other places you will be showing. Just because they don’t buy on the spot does not mean they are not interested in your work. Get their name, last name and e-mail address and make sure to let them know you will be contacting them – no one likes unsolicited marketing emails.



I know, you are an artists, not an office clerk! But let’s say you are on a roll and killing it at shows all over, and you have collected lots of names. Wouldn’t it be easier to have them all organized on a good ole Excel spreadsheet? Look I’ll even do you a solid and have one ready to download for you. (Click on the image below to download)


Download your free contact list spreadsheet

Over the years I’ve learned a very valuable lesson: people buy your art because they like it of course, but also, because they like YOU and the fact that you showed interest in more than just their wallet.


A few years ago I created my newsletter: BEST DECISION EVER MADE! Once I created it using Mailchimp I was able to import all those names – this is were you’ll be glad you have that good ole excel spreadsheet – and start keeping in touch with collectors and admirers of my work on a monthly basis . I’ll get into more details on what the process of getting the newsletter up and running looks like on another post, but just know: it is time consuming so plan accordingly.


One last tip for now: when choosing shows to go to, look for those that have artist whose work is similar to yours in style. Might sound crazy, but hear me out. If you create abstract and you show at an event that is mainly about figurative art chances are that art lovers who heard about the event came for the figurative. Make sense?

I don’t think there is a such a thing as competing in the art world, your creation are YOUR creation, even if someone tries to steal or copy your idea, it will never be the same. At the end of the day collectors like what they like, and it might just be your work!

Hope this was somewhat helpful,

Keep creating.


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