What’s on your shelf?

Hi all,

as a self taught artist I know I missed out on a lot of valuable lessons and knowledge that I could have gained in a traditional educational setting. Am I the only one? I sure hope not!

Not too long ago I was on youtube trying to learn how to make water drops, that was fun, and I am sure I’ll be back for other things; but techniques aside, there is so much more to art, that can be learned and I had to start making some research on my own. The further I try to go with my art career the more things I do not know come to light.

Luckily, I have built a nice artist network and I have been able to always ask around about anything I might not know, but wanted to learn.

This particular time, I really wanted to learn more about the business, and the behind the scenes of what it takes to build an art career. One of my fellow artists suggested I read “Art/Work”, and I did.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised by the content (see below):

I honestly think this is a good read to lay the foundation on certain steps every artists, trying to make it to the next level should know about.

From submitting material, to showing your work, to representation agreements this book touched on subjects I was completely ignorant about. It is quite an easy read and worth the purchase.

I bought my copy on Amazon (an updated version has been published the new cover is yellow).  In the revised and updated edition, the authors show artists how to tackle a host of new challenges. With the advent of social media, the way art is shared and often even purchased as changed drastically. In the new edition ( which I am now also buying) they touch on the digital aspect as well.

Some of the topics that you will find are the following:

  • How do you diversify income streams to sustain a healthy art practice?
  • How can you find an alternative to the gallery system?
  • How do you review a license agreement?
  • What are digital marketing best practices?
  • New quotes from over thirty arts professionals
  • Updated commission legal templates
  • Organizational tips, tax information
  • Advice for artists who don’t make objects

I hope you will find this read useful as much as I did, and will do again after I read it the revised edition as well!

Let me know if there is any topic you wold like for me to touch up on

Stay creative,

Be Art,


3 thoughts on “What’s on your shelf?

  1. Iasonas Bakas says:

    Hi Aby, I really liked the information provided on your blog. It is a good source of information for beginner artists. I also liked the interview type of blog post for the Artist of the Month. Good to know how other people started and evolved in the art world! Please do stay in touch 😊


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