Living as an artist

Hey guys,

hope your week was a good one, and that you had a fun relaxing Labor Day weekend.

My week was nothing short of perfect! I spent it getting lost in Cuba, but that’s for another post (coming soon!).


Sneak Peak!

Today I am trying to pin point what living as an artist even mean. Do other professions live as a teacher, a doctor, a cook or whatever the occupation is? Is it just something that pays the bills or does every occupation defines you?

If you could choose to do something to help you sustain your livelihood and inspire you to live your life exactly how you want it, what would it be? ( I really do want to know your answers!!!leave a comment!!!! )

Living as an artist has so many stigmas some of which might be true and some that are just so ridiculous its hilarious, but let’s focus on the main stereotype: All artists are starving!

But why is that? I mean I get it, like with any other profession in the world, not every

single individual in it will be as successful as the next person, but going in knowing its a

lost cause to begin with….”le sigh” is all that comes to mind.

Top 3 misconceptions about being an artists.

1. Art is just an hobby

I personally think being an artists is a real profession, worthy of respect; unfortunately a lot of people does not seem to feel the same way about it. The amount of time that is put into each creation, does not seem to hold the same weight as say, the amount of time spent typing invoices in front of a computer.

Art is viewed as something done simply to kill time, and express oneself. Art work might not be a necessity, but it is certainly

2. Artists with a side job are not real artists

Look, everyone choses the path that works for them, there is no cookie cutter way to be an artists. The only thing we all have in common is….WE- NEED- FOOD. In the quest of becoming an artist that can live fully of their creations, bills do not stop and starving will hardly ever be sustainable, by hardly ever I actually mean never.

I decided to get a masters in international business management to give myself an edge and help me overcome the starving artist faith. I got a job in good ole corporate America and have not lost the love I have for creating. Having a job helps me not feel the stress that  comes with having to sell work in order to pay the bills, I tried living that way and creating was losing its sanctity it had warranted me in the past.

3. Artists make up their prices

Ok, if yo are one of those people that think art prices are very trivial and random, you might be right! That does not mean the cost an artist attaches to their work is wrong. Most people will never know if a painting took 5 minute or 5 weeks to create. The cost of art supplies is border line ridiculous at times, if the artists is able to work outside of their apartment, then there are added studio space rent fees that need to be covered.

Are you starting to get the point here? When you buy a piece of art you are buying a one of a kind item, that no one else will ever own – yes they can make copies, but it will never be the same as what was created with talent and passion.

Think of it this way, that $800 purse, those $300 sneakers heck even your $30k car someone else has the same exact thing, and over time they will lose value. Art might not take you to work everyday, but it takes your heart and your soul places you never knew were there.

Ciao for now!
Be art,
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