Hi, guys! My name is Abiola, and I am a visual artist born and raised in Italy from Nigerian parents, and I now reside in Houston TX. I started this blog back in 2009  to literally just rant about anything . I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to blog about so I used to talk about my passions: basketball, art, and hair. It was a sort of mental outlet really. Fast forward to 2015 I find myself retiring from basketball, still an artist and not into hair as much as I thought. So now I share art, culture and my observations in daily human interactions. Because of my background, cultural shock is somewhat of a daily reoccurrence and I’m here to tell you what I see,  with a bit of sarcasm added to the mix.


The name Behind the Arts comes from the fact that I never liked to be put in a box. People are so much more than a label, and that’s how I view myself. YES, I am a visual artist but I am so much more than that, it would take quite a while to explain it. Being an artist I get to share parts of me through my work, without having to do any talking, here I get to share everything else that usually just goes at one thousand miles per hour in my brain!